Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bird Songs

Here's a little ditty I threw together just 'cuz...
(note: if mix stops, refresh, then use top buttons to scroll to desired track...stupid grooveshark...)

Running Time: Aprox. 1 hr 4 min.
Track Pick: Josh Ritter - Snow is Gone

Hard to pick a favorite track for this one. I was leaning towards "Bird on a Wire" by Rogue Wave, 'cuz that song is so fucking cool, but I had to hand it to Mr. Ritter for some committing to some pretty awesome bird imagery throughout that song. "Canary" by Laughing Owls (aka Wisdom Tooth aka Meagan Day) is also a track I find so touchingly catchy in a beautiful simplicity. I hope y'all dig it.

Like I said, I compiled this mix on a whim this evening. Birds are some of those take-for-granted critters; they're everywhere and we hardly pay them any mind...except when you see a bunch of birds on a wire and remember how creepy that scene from The Birds is (I may or may not have the urge to kick every mildly overweight pigeon I encounter on the street). But anyway, the coolest thing about birds by far is that you can totally tell how they used to be dinosaurs. Pretty fucking bad-ass if you ask me.

What do you think of when you think of birds? Are there any cool bird songs that I missed? Let me know!

Big Bird: Great bird, or the greatest bird?

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