Friday, October 8, 2010

songs that make me cry (vintage 1-27-09)

everyone's gotta learn sometime


ok, i know what you’re thinking, but logisically speaking, songs over 9 minutes in length tend to have a strong impact on me, and this one has history working for it, so there you go. find me one sixteen year old who doesn’t agree with me

flaming lips cover. such a sweet song, and i heard it before the original so it has always stuck with me.

a story of lost friendships…

oy, i first heard this song live and i swear i froze right in my shoes on the floor of the arogan ballroom…of course i froze shortly after in the chicago winter with no jacket, but i digress. it is my opinion that this song should have been used in the series finale of six feet under rather than sia - breathe me. though they are rather similar…

a song about giving up…

lost love poetry pure and simple.

same as above really, only better because it’s about janis joplin

we're going deep into breakup territory with this one. perhaps it's another case of the long song blues, but this one goes by in a flash for me.

the first time i heard this song live, the entire theater was shivering, silent. ani has a beautiful way of merging the political and the personal into a melodic synthesis of emotion...

this was the first thing to make sense to me after 9/11. i highly recommend taking a look at the lyrics

well there you have ten tear-jerkers. you may have noticed a disproportionate amount of ani, but i did spend a disproportionate part of my formative crying years emoting to her music, so there you go.

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