Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SKINS (series 3+4)

And you thought it wouldn't happen again. But yes, my roomie and I did watch both series 3 and 4 of the UK Skins, which follows a whole new set of wayward youths while also turning a perfectly awesome theme song into a cracked out piece of shit (sample not available). Please, spare yourself the emotional and intellectual pain of watching every gut-wrenching episode, and instead enjoy these two compilations of music featured on the show, which I found to be generally eclectic, surprising, and fun.

 Disclaimer: I say these represent about 86-90% of the music from the series, minus the songs that were  a) not on Grooveshark b) way too fucking annoying to listen to while I'm at work. Special thanks to http://www.skinsmusic.co.uk for the tracklists.

So yeah, I like to listen to these playlists at work to change things up a bit. I did discover at least one band I liked through this show (series 3), called High Places. They remind me a bit of Animal Collective...except with a chick. I think they are probably disbanded by now, but anyway, they have some good stuff, so look out for their appearance on upcoming mixes!

I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with teenage television.

Effie is one crazy, sexy bitch.

Why, Freddie, WHY?!?!

Best moment of the show. Okay, I'm done!


  1. I listened to the entire skins series 3 one and it honestly had me occupied ALL DAMN DAY, those playlists are incredibly long, dunno how you managed to do that must have taken forever!!! I loved it though. Will listen to series 4 at some point I'm sure :D

  2. Glad I kept you busy! I made these playlists at work, adding a few tracks at a time. It's a great distractions between write-ups.