Monday, February 14, 2011

So Cold in This Bed

Brrrrr! This is a mix that applies not so much to today (a balmy 38 degrees Fahrenheit), but to these last two snow-laden, ass-bitingly, balls-to-the-walls cold weeks. The kind where you wake up under a flannel comforter and extra blanket on top of flannel sheets to feel the cold wind blowing in through your cold window. This mix is about waiting in expectant prayer for the sweet hiss clank of the radiator as you sit alone in a cold bed and contemplate getting up in the morning to bundle up and head out into the bone-freezing, soul-crushing cold.

Granted, this is only the case for me five nights out of the week, the other two spent in co-snuggly comfort. And my time outdoors is severely cut by the glorious invention of the Chicago Pedway system. Here's to the chronically cold and unbearably lonely. Here's hoping this thaw is here to stay...

Running Time: Aprox. 57 minutes
Track Pick: Laughing Owls - Through the Ceiling

NOTE: Kind of a coincidence to post this on Valentine's Day--meant to post it yesterday. Oh well, I owe you a happy mix.
The Laughing Owls song is one of my favorites by Meagan Day. The lyrics are so simple, but the ache in the song comes across so beautifully. Sorry to include Bright Eyes, but I figured as long as we were going whiny we might as well go all the way. The last song is a little more in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I think. :-D
I hope that everyone finds someone to snuggle with until spring...
 I lived here not too long ago, but I don't remember this much snow.

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